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[Gold] ABERSLE ABS bicycle brake system (VR-100G)


Safe Anti-Locking Braking System (SABS)


We would like to take this time to introduce you to "ABERSLE ABS Bicycle Frequency Braking System".

We are all aware of the safety that Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) provides for cars.

KE CHIUAN TECHNONLOGY CORP. is proud to invent the ABERSLE ABS Brake system, the first patented Anti-lock Braking System designed especially for the bicycle market.

Why ABS?


Safety is a concern for all bicycle riders. The fastest way that you can stop any bike of normal wheelbase is to apply the front brake aggressively, the front brake should be 70%+ of the braking power. Installing the ABS braking system has been tested to reduce your braking distance by almost 50%. As well, most people know how to brake properly in standard situations, but in emergency situations is when the ABS brake will provide the additional safety, allowing the rider a very controlled stop, within the shortest distance, without any wheel lockup.




ABERSLE ABS generates a braking frequency from a 100% mechanical structure, without requiring any electric, hydraulic or pneumatic forces. The higher the wheel speed, the higher the frequency that can be generated.



Item NO. V-F100 G
Color Gold
Size 120 x 38 x 18 mm
Weight 182g
Support  bike Mountain bike, Flod bike, BMX, MTB,  Intall on V-Type brake.






ABERSLE ABS Frequency Braking System is the first Anti-Lock Braking System for bicycles, ever invented and has received the following awards:

2012 Gold Medal of TPC Design& Innovation Award
2011 Gold Medal of Taiwa National Invention & Creation Award
2011 Gold Medal of Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart
2010 Japan Good Design Award
2010 Golden Pin Design Mark Award
2008 Top prize of Braking Device Innovation Award by CHC